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Home Inspection Training Tip: Streamline The Report Writing Process

Do you inspect all day and type up the reports late into the evening? If you're doing this, how do you feel at the end of the week especially when you've done 10 or 12 inspections? Are you willing to continue this way for years to come? You as a business owner may be willing to torture yourself in this way but when you hire home inspectors they won't put up with 12 hour days for the rate you are willing to pay them and you shouldn't either. By making a few changes in the way you do business you can streamline the report writing process and actually complete the report on site. 99% of all the home inspections Southern home inspection services conducted were completed on site. Sure you occasionally get the house from Hades that you can't complete on-site and that's okay. However, your goal f...Read More

Home Inspection Marketing Strategy: Open Houses

You have to get a positive return on investment on all your home inspection marketing strategies. However, when you're looking at marketing strategy alternatives, some home inspection marketing strategies have a much hire return on investment than others. At The Savvy Inspector, we believe that taking agent survival kits out to real estate open houses on Sundays might not be a strategy that generates a very high return on investment. Besides, if you're not inspecting on Sunday you should really take that time to work on your business and spend the balance with family and friends. All work and no play causes burnout over time. If you want to get and keep you and your Inspector's schedules full all year long regardless of the condition of the real estate market, with or without real estate a...Read More

Home Inspection Training Tip: Know Before You Go

We have a home inspector coaching client that is really quite good writer and is a stickler about the quality of the written word in the home inspection report. He deplores spelling and grammatical mistakes and he's really dismayed when he sees poor sentence structure. A couple weeks ago on a Savvy Inspector Q&A Call this inspection company owner asked what he should do about and inspector that had poor writing skills. In order to avoid a situation like this, the candidate should have been tested in advance of the hiring offer. The Savvy Inspector teaches all of its clients how to automate the recruiting process, which includes a writing test to prevent this type of situation. The staff at The Savvy Inspector has lots of experience in turning one man shops into multi-inspector firms. W...Read More

Want To Be In The Home Inspection Business?

Do you have good interpersonal skills, do you like working with people, do you like helping others, if so you might want to become a home inspector. The home inspection business is fun and can be very lucrative for those who are serious about their success. One of the things I've noticed is that those home inspectors across the country that are super successful are the ones that have good interpersonal skills. These folks are good at working with others. They love what they do and it shows. If you want to be in the home inspection business then check out this video so you can learn more about what it takes. We always appreciate your feedback, so please leave your questions and comments in the box below the video. The staff at The Savvy Inspector has lots of experience in turning one man sh...Read More

Home Inspection Training Tip: Your Goals Should Be The Employee's Goals

One of the things we stress to all of The Savvy Inspector's coaching clients is that they need to hold their employees accountable for the firm's goals. For example, if you are hiring a marketing rep where the company's goals? I would say that they are new agents acquisition and agent retention. If you're hire a home inspector what are the firm's goals for the employee? I would offer that there goals would be no callbacks and no payouts. So if a home inspector gets a call back and there's a payout warranted, should the firm bear the brunt of the burden or should the home inspector? Check out this video to discover how multi-inspector firms have a list of issue. The staff at The Savvy Inspector has lots of experience in turning one man shops into multi-inspector firms. When you get signed u...Read More