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Does Your Website Suck?

Note: "Sucks" Is A Technical  Term We Use In Marketing! 😉 After reading post you'll be able to judge for yourself whether or not your website sucks, so please read on! If you're going to go direct to the public for business, you have to have a website that converts visitors into paying customers. Your website has to establish you as the obvious expert and it needs to convey a know me, like me, trust me feeling with the home buyer. So Here's Your Website's Mission… You want your sales website to contain all of the information that a home buyer needs to convince themselves that you are the perfect person to protect them from buying a money pit! Bonus: If your website is done correctly, many of visitors will book their inspection online without ever talking with you or your staff! There...Read More

Pay To Play: The Pros And Cons To Home Inspectors

I understand this can be a controversial topic.  Most home inspectors have very strong feelings about paying to play in real estate offices. Most of the inspectors I talk to are opposed to the idea of having to pay to gain access to a real estate office. I certainly understand their feelings but pay to play can get you a very positive return on your investment if you do it correctly, so that's why I want to discuss it here. Below I'm going to share some of the pros and cons of pay to play. First, The Pros… 1. Most pay to play agreements state that there will be no more than "X" number of home inspectors allowed to market the agents in that office. The number is generally three home inspectors. The real opportunity here is that all other inspectors would be denied an opportunity to ge...Read More