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Should I Have Someone Do SEO On My Website?

The answer to this question is… Yes, but only if you hire the right company! The algorithm that Google uses to deliver search results changes on a regular basis, this means monthly or more frequently. If you don't follow all of these changes on a regular basis you could be engaged in the wrong activities to get your site ranked. Engaging in the wrong SEO activities could actually hurt your site rankings or worse you listed in Google. Also, if you want to get your phone to ring more, you have to do more than SEO your website. You'll need to make sure that you are strategically positioned in all the places on the Internet where home buyers look for an inspector in your area, so you have a greater opportunity to get the job! To get your phone to ring more you will need to be engaged in ...Read More

Book More Sales Meetings In Real Estate Offices

  Want To Schedule More Inspections… Then Learn The Secrets Of Getting Yourself Booked At Realtor Sales Meetings! Speaking at Realtor Sales Meetings is a great way to get some quick "face time" with people who have business to refer you today! But most home inspectors think it's impossible to get themselves booked for these important presentations! You see, lots of home inspectors that have come before you have done a terrible job with sales meetings. They seem to think that getting in there and sharing their credentials and how long they've been in business is what the agents want to hear. But Guess What… That's Total Nonsense. So to help you get more Sales Meetings booked and to manage the process professionally, so you get asked to come back, we'...Read More