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Book More Sales Meetings In Real Estate Offices

Book More Sales Meetings In Real Estate Offices


Want To Schedule More Inspections… Then Learn The Secrets Of Getting Yourself Booked At Realtor Sales Meetings!

Speaking at Realtor Sales Meetings is a great way to get some quick "face time" with people who have business to refer you today!

But most home inspectors think it's impossible to get themselves booked for these important presentations!

You see, lots of home inspectors that have come before you have done a terrible job with sales meetings.

They seem to think that getting in there and sharing their credentials and how long they've been in business is what the agents want to hear.

But Guess What… That's Total Nonsense.

So to help you get more Sales Meetings booked and to manage the process professionally, so you get asked to come back, we've developed. "Sales Meeting Secrets!"

In "Sales Meeting Secrets" we'll share with you…

  • How to approach the person in charge of scheduling Sales Meetings, to ensure that you're included on the agenda!
  • We'll share with you a "neat little secret" that you can use to get booked for a sales meeting if you encounter resistance from the primary person in charge!
  • We'll reveal the only 'message' the real estate agents want to hear from you, the home inspector and why it's essential that share 'the message' in your opening remarks!
  • We'll share with you potential topics for the meeting!
  • We'll tell you what things to bring (and not to bring) when you're providing the food for the event!
  • We reveal how to leverage the relationship(s) you already have in the real estate office, to get new referral sources!
  • Plus, we'll show you how to maximize the value of an inexpensive sales meeting giveaway.
Sales Meeting Secrets provides all of the tools and techniques you need to book more Sales Meetings. And you'll be so professional at the process, you'll be a shoe in to get asked back over and over!

When You Purchase Sales Meeting Secrets, Here's What You'll Get…

  • The Complete "How To" Manual For Setting Up and Participating In Realtor Sales Meetings!
  • 40 Ideas That Would Make Great Sales Meeting Topics!
  • A Script For A 3-5 Minute Sales Meeting For You To Model!
  • A Sample 3-5 Minute Script For A Women's Council Of Realtors Event For You To Model!
  • A "Quick Start" Mind Map With All Of The Questions You'll Need To Answer To Jump Start The Process Of Booking More Sales Meetings!
  • Many Home Inspectors Are Nervous About Speaking In Public, So We Included Information On How to Overcome The Barriers To Truly Great Presentations…
  • Finally, We've Included Some Very Specific Techniques You Can Practice To Help Control You Fear Of Public Speaking!

BONUS: We've Included An Awesome Audio About Managing The Sales Meeting Process, That You Can Download And Listen To Over And Over Again, To Build The Needs Skills To Master This Process!

So Don't Delay… Grab Your "Sales Meeting Secrets" Package Right Now So That You Start Getting More Real Estate Agent Referrals!

NOTE: Your investment in this product is backed by our no quibble, no questions asked guarantee! If you don't see the value of this product, then send us an email and receive a full and fast refund for everything.


William Chandler of Property 360 just shared this. "Great tips in this – well worth the very low price."Home Inspection Training Home Inspection Marketing The Savvy Inspector

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