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Home Inspection Training.

OneSource Solutions Makes Moving as Easy As 1,2,3!

Our experienced well trained consultants take the stress out of moving to your new home. In just one phone call, we will coordinate the majority of your new home services and utility connections.

Our Guarantee: OneSource will stay with you from the time you order your services until the job is done – Guaranteed!

Privacy Guarantee: We value your privacy. OneSource, a member of the Better Business Bureau, will never share your personal information with anyone other than the service providers you select.

Home Inspection Training: OneSource Solutions FAQ’s

Q: Do you protect my client's privacy?

We collect the same information that the utility companies will require. In most cases the utility companies will require your client's social security number, date of birth, place of employment, etc. Your client's information will only be shared with those companies that your client has approved. We do not sell/trade your client's information.

Q: Are you trying to sell anything to my client?

We will provide a relaxed, friendly environment for your client. Your client will choose which services he/she wants. We do not push any one service. We compare services side by side so the customer can choose which services fit their needs.

Q: Why can't my client's have their home services connected by their closing date?

To ensure timely delivery connections of all your client's services it's important to refer your client a minimum of 10 days in advance of the closing date. These companies do not look favorably upon last minute connections or what we call short orders. Another reason to refer your client early is to satisfy any backlogs these companies may be experiencing.

Q: How do I know my client has been serviced?

You and your client will receive a confirmation which includes all of the services your client has chosen to connect. You will receive an email confirmation as well as fax to your office.

Q: Do you disconnect any services?

We will provide this service when the companies we work with allow us to do so. Most of the providers will request the customer do this…the companies may want to ensure that any outstanding balances are satisfied. In many cases we are able to do disconnects when the client is reconnecting/transferring service with the same company.

Q: Which Areas do you Service?

Our service is available all across the United States.

Q: What happens if my Client's Closing Date Changes?

If your client's closing date changes just contact us via email or phone and we will call the home services that we connected and request the date change.

*Please notify OneSource immediately if the closing date changes.
*We will stay with your client from start to finish.

Q: What are your hours of operation?

Normal business hours are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm CST. Monday through Friday. We are also available after these hours and on Saturday and Sunday via emergency contact numbers.

*We do set Saturday and Sunday appointments for clients that need these days.

Q: How are you able to offer the service for free?

We work with all of the Phone, TV, and Internet companies. These companies compensate us for the business we produce. The upside for the client is we are able to present all of the providers that are available in their area. This allows for a relaxing and informative shopping experience.

We do not push one provider over the other. We compare the services side by side and the client chooses what is best for their family. Working with the paying companies allow us to assist with the utility connections. We are not compensated from the utility companies.

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