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Are Real Estate Agents Going The Way Of The Dinosaur

Have you heard of disruptive technology… A disruptive technology is a technology that significantly alters the way that businesses operate. A disruptive technology may force companies to modify the way they approach their business or risk becoming irrelevant. Now, let’s look at the real estate industry… Just a few short years ago, there was no such thing as the internet. Real estate agents had exclusive access to all of the real estate listing data, and there wasn’t much transparency or speed in viewing listings, checking comps, and making offers. All this data was offline and completely controlled. But today, everything has changed. Now, in no time flat, home buyers can view all the data on the MLS, as well as online sites like for sale by owner. They can easily conduct resear...Read More

Did You Win The FLIR Camera? [Workshop Winners]

The Savvy Inspector Workshop   You had a chance to win one of these awesome prizes by purchasing an early bird ticket  A FLIR C2 Compact Thermal Imaging System And Carrying Case. Value: $514.00  A Website and Blog to one lucky Early Bird Special Ticket Purchaser. Value: $997.00  A one hour Coaching Sessions with Coach William Troutman, President of Certainty Home Inspections and The Savvy Inspector Founder, Ken Compton. Value: $497.00 (3 lucky winners got this) Access to 5 of the Top Presentations from the 2016 Workshop. Value: $297.00 (10 lucky winners got these) So, did you win? Check out below to find out… Winners of the 5 Top 2016 Workshop Presentations: Collin Ruppert Steve Cook Chad Langston Luis Figueroa Verle Ladd David Renner Rob Donahue Johnny Gorden Tommy Kirby Paul H...Read More

Twenty Letters Two Jobs With The Savvy Inspector Home Inspection Marketing | 706-253-2818

Direct mail is one of the best ways to get your most powerful sales message in front of the eyes of people that can refer you business and it can be very profitable when done correctly. Check out this video to learn more!

Respond To Positive Reviews With The Savvy Inspector Home Inspection Marketing | 706-253-2818

In the past you only needed to respond to negative reviews in a professional manner to manage your firm’s reputation, however today it’s best to respond to positive reviews as well. Check out this video to learn why.

Get Your Best Marketing Message Seen With The Savvy Inspector Home Inspection Marketing | 706-253-2818

If your best marketing message never get seen by folks who can refer you business then your marketing fails. But here’s the question… what the best home inspection marketing strategy to make that happen? Check out this video to see what we think!  

Wow A Target Real Estate Office With The Savvy Inspector Home Inspection Marketing | 706-253-2818

What home inspection marketing strategies do you use to market one of your targeted real estate offices? Check out the home inspection marketing ideas in this video!  

Building Relationships With Agents With The Savvy Inspector Home Inspection Marketing | 706-253-2818

One of our jobs as a “Marketer Of Home Inspection Services” is to turn our real estate agent acquaintances into friends, but the question most inspectors have is what home inspection marketing strategies work best? Check out this video to learn more!

Do You Love Google Or Hate Them?

Google My Business, formerly known as Google Places can be very helpful in marketing your home inspection firm. It is a one-stop listing that displays your reviews, website address, photographs and much more and Google is where the searchers are. Ninety two percent of mobile searchers and sixty six percent of desktop search occurs on Google. That’s huge! However, at The Savvy Inspector, we have a love hate relationship with Google in general and Google My Business too. Here’s why… GMB is a very powerful tool in local marketing, but there are fewer Google My Business slots available today than ever before. Google My Business used to offer seven organic slots, today they offer three and guess what, now they’re testing one of them as a paid advertisement. Ouch! Here...Read More

Three Reasons To Have A Home Inspection Website That Converts

The first reason to have a home inspection website that converts visitors into paying customers is so that you can get home inspections directly from the public. A lot of inspectors are marketing strictly to real estate agents and overlook the opportunities to go to the public. Going to the public is the direction that everybody needs to be heading in because there are fewer and fewer agents in the real estate offices (except Keller Williams Offices). Also, millennials are looking online for everything, including home inspectors and that’s going to continue. It’s essential that you have an effective online presence. It’s shocking, the number of inspectors who don’t, or what they do have online is stagnant and not helpful to online shoppers. The second reason you nee...Read More

Go Direct To The Public To Bulletproof Your HI Business

I think that you would agree with this statement… Even with the inventory shortage and rising mortgage rates there will always be people who are going to buy a home, now the numbers may be less but there will still be buyers. Heck, I bought a home when mortgage interest rates were 17% and so did many others. ;-( But here’s the problem… You may be relying heavily on real estate agents for referrals right now and many of those agents are non-top producers. Non-top producers always have fewer sales when the real estate market is somewhat troubled. So in order to Bulletproof Your Business against the inventory shortage and increasing mortgage interest rates you need to spend more of your marketing efforts going direct to the public for business. In the next few posts, I’m goi...Read More

External Threat #2 To Your Home Inspection Business

In my last blog post, I detailed how the inventory shortage was having a serious negative effect on home inspectors in many areas across the country. Hopefully you took a minute to visit the blog post to watch the SWOT video. If not, here is the link again… Today I want to talk about the second threat to your home inspection firm and that is rising interest rates. Higher rates can have a negative impact on housing affordability and may decrease marginal demand, especially if interest rates move significantly higher over today’s levels. Did you know that for every 1% increase in interest rates it reduces the buyers ability to purchase by 10%. Let’s look at an example of what this means to home buyers… The interest rate is 3.5% and the home buyers qualify for a $500,000 hom...Read More

Is Your Home Inspection Schedule Totally Full?

Many home inspectors are having to turn away business and even those who never wanted to be a multi-inspector firm are reconsidering their position because of the demand for inspections right now. Ken Compton here from The Savvy Inspector and I wanted to congratulate you if you have a packed schedule now but I also want to make sure that you are an effective “Marketer of Home Inspection Services” because there are a couple of external factors that may hamper the real estate market in your area as we move forward. The next housing crisis is here… and this time the crisis is primarily about one thing: lack of inventory! There is an ongoing inventory shortage across America. Some markets are desperately short of homes for sale while others aren’t quite so troubled. We have t...Read More