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Home Inspection Marketing Moves Towards Voice Search: The Future of Search

It’s been much easier these days for us to search for information that we need on the internet, due to the many tools we have at our disposal to do so. One of the most notable search tools is voice search. According to Google, 20% of mobile searches now are from voice queries. As the mobile industry continues to grow, so as the possible transition of the majority of searches will come from virtual assistance services. So, what is voice search? And what this means for home inspection marketing? Voice search is, quite literally, using your voice to search for something on the internet. You may have done this yourself, usually through an intelligent assistant such as Alexa, Cortana, or Siri; or through a voice assistant device such as Amazon Echo or Google Home.  So it means that we need to r...Read More

Did You Win The FLIR Camera? [Workshop Winners]

The Savvy Inspector Workshop   You had a chance to win one of these awesome prizes by purchasing an early bird ticket  A FLIR C2 Compact Thermal Imaging System And Carrying Case. Value: $514.00  A Website and Blog to one lucky Early Bird Special Ticket Purchaser. Value: $997.00  A one hour Coaching Sessions with Coach William Troutman, President of Certainty Home Inspections and The Savvy Inspector Founder, Ken Compton. Value: $497.00 (3 lucky winners got this) Access to 5 of the Top Presentations from the 2016 Workshop. Value: $297.00 (10 lucky winners got these) So, did you win? Check out below to find out… Winners of the 5 Top 2016 Workshop Presentations: Collin Ruppert Steve Cook Chad Langston Luis Figueroa Verle Ladd David Renner Rob Donahue Johnny Gorden Tommy Kirby Paul H...Read More

Twenty Letters Two Jobs With The Savvy Inspector Home Inspection Marketing | 706-253-2818

Direct mail is one of the best ways to get your most powerful sales message in front of the eyes of people that can refer you business and it can be very profitable when done correctly. Check out this video to learn more!

Respond To Positive Reviews With The Savvy Inspector Home Inspection Marketing | 706-253-2818

In the past you only needed to respond to negative reviews in a professional manner to manage your firm’s reputation, however today it’s best to respond to positive reviews as well. Check out this video to learn why.

Get Your Best Marketing Message Seen With The Savvy Inspector Home Inspection Marketing | 706-253-2818

If your best marketing message never get seen by folks who can refer you business then your marketing fails. But here’s the question… what the best home inspection marketing strategy to make that happen? Check out this video to see what we think!  

Wow A Target Real Estate Office With The Savvy Inspector Home Inspection Marketing | 706-253-2818

What home inspection marketing strategies do you use to market one of your targeted real estate offices? Check out the home inspection marketing ideas in this video!  

Building Relationships With Agents With The Savvy Inspector Home Inspection Marketing | 706-253-2818

One of our jobs as a “Marketer Of Home Inspection Services” is to turn our real estate agent acquaintances into friends, but the question most inspectors have is what home inspection marketing strategies work best? Check out this video to learn more!

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