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Top 8 Reasons Home Inspectors Should Add Video To Their Marketing Mix

I’m sure you know this, but let’s get it out the way right up front. First, make sure you have the basics covered: You have professional-looking home inspection website that showcases your credentials and services, with an easy way for people to get in touch with you You have a logo, business cards, and brochures You have a commitment to networking with the people that can bring you business (realtors, builders, bankers, Chamber of Commerce) Your business is listed correctly in directories, such as Google My Business and other industry resources You always ask for referrals I’m going to assume you’ve got that down, and you’ve set up your social media (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) in order to get your message out.  Now let’s leverage all those assets and platforms and add in some video ...Read More

There Is A Method To My Madness

If you’ve been reading my posts over the last few weeks you’ve seen a constant theme. The theme is the real estate market is in disruption and the rate of disruption is moving superfast. My goal is to get you thinking about how you are going to replace real estate agent referrals when they are no longer available. The most successful home inspectors overtime will be those that make an investment in their online presence. It takes quite a bit of time to establish a substantial online presence for your firm so I want you to get started right away. And the 2018 Savvy Inspector Virtual Workshop, October 12-13, 2018 is all about that exact topic! https://tsiworkshop.com/ No other topics will be taught at this 2-day event, it’s exclusively about how you can leverage the Interne...Read More

Reduce Your Dependence On Real Estate Agent Referrals

Reduce Your Dependence On Real Estate Agent Referrals Why should you care about that? Because all of the advanced technology that’s being rolled out in the real estate industry today is designed to give the home buyer and seller a great customer experience without having to use a real estate agent. So, if you are going to stay in the home inspection business for the long term you will need to figure out how to replace the number of inspections that you are getting from real estate agents when they are no longer around to give them to you. Our team at The Savvy Inspector thinks the best way to reduce your dependence on real estate agent referrals is by going direct to the public for business. Here are just a few of the benefits of going directly to the public for business… No List Of ...Read More

How To Get Your Site Ranked #1 In The Google Local Listing

Google Local Listing or ‘Google My Business’ Listing refers to an online listing platform. This is similar to the traditional yellow pages. This listing is your business’ way to showcase information to a potential customer about your product or services. This is because the listing requires you to put all information about your business to attract potential customers. Your business will show up in the search engine every time a potential customer type in keywords that pertain to your business. So, your business will have higher chances of getting more customers if your site ranks at the top. This is going to be one of your goals for your website. Your goal is to make your site rank #1 in the Google Local Listing. Experienced home inspectors will teach you how to become nu...Read More

How To Increase Your Website Conversion

Website conversion is the most important factor in the success of your online marketing strategy and goals. This is because conversion means the website visitor bought or availed any of your products or they opted in any of your forms. It is good to have high website foot traffic. But above all, it is certainly better if you have a website that converts visitors into paying customers. There are several ways to increase website conversion which you can learn from this video. Be sure to watch this video all the way to the end to check out our very special Member’s Only Offer! To Take Advantage Of The Special Offer Mentioned At The End Of This Video Use The Link Below… http://TSIWebsiteSpecial.com

Google Analytics For Beginners

Learning how to use Google Analytics will help you establish a louder online presence and bring your website to the top search results.  This will, therefore, result in higher site foot traffic. Higher foot traffic leads to more online transactions due to more site traffic! It is essential to learn about Google Analytics. This is because its valuable data will give you an idea of how you can promote your business effectively. Another information that Google Analytics will provide you with is the page that has the most number of visits. This video will show you the source of site visitors as well. If you know the source of site visitors, you will know where to make more marketing promotions like social media, referral, direct source, etc. Google Analytics may sound like it is only for techi...Read More

Get Your Website Ranking For More Sales

Google has been making changes over the past few years. It is now hard to know what is working for your website – getting your website ranking for more sales. It is also important to know what’s not working for your website. The website pages must meet Google’s new update requirements because it will help your website rank higher in search pages. It will also make your website be seen easily by your target market which will help your sales. You will learn what you need to do to make your website rank higher. Most importantly, we will let you know why you need to do it through this breakout session. Be armed with the knowledge you need to get your website ranking as a result of this breakout session. Search engine ranking is only one-half of the equation for a successful w...Read More

Are Real Estate Agents Going The Way Of The Dinosaur?

Yesterday, JD Power released their 2018 Home Buyer/Seller Satisfaction Study, and there were some real eye-openers for home inspectors. Did you by chance see this study? For many years I have been sharing with The Savvy Inspector’s coaching clients that with the advent of technology more and more home buyers and sellers will choose not to use a real estate agent as part of the transaction. This was confirmed again in the JD Power 2018 Study. Check out this key finding… “More experienced home buyers and sellers foregoing agents: A significant majority (88%) of home buyers are beginning their search for a new home before selecting an agent. Also, 19% of repeat buyers, 14% of repeat sellers, 13% of first-time buyers and 9% of first-time sellers did not use an agent to buy/sell the...Read More

Q&A With Ken Compton: Paying for Non-owned Auto Coverage for Home Inspectors

“I just got quoted $2,000 for hired and non-owned auto coverage for my home inspector. Does this sound right? “ Paying for a hired and non-owned auto liability insurance needs a little more review than you thought. This is a very important policy which you should get if you have multiple home inspectors working for you. However, there are a lot of factors needs to be checked. First of all, as a company owner, you should be careful enough to make sure that you have the right coverage, especially on the worst-case scenario. This is, of course, without overpaying the policy. What does a hired and non-owned auto coverage mean? This is a liability coverage for accident damages which are caused by a hired vehicle or an auto that you do not personally own. However, this doesn’t cover the damages ...Read More

Q&A With Ken Compton: Does anybody credit music sources in their videos?

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Home Inspector Success Story: Malcolm Godwin & The Chattanooga Home Inspector

Each Home Inspector has their own story to tell – from the day they decided to start a new career to having a successful Home Inspection business. Want to know what it takes to be a successful Home Inspector? In my recent interview with  Malcolm Godwin, owner of Chattanooga Home Inspector, Malcolm shared with me his Home Inspector Career journey.  Having no Home Inspection business background in his family, who would have thought that a Defense Contractor serving in the Middle East would shift a career and own a successful business in the industry? Malcolm shared how he started and got his license. As all Home Inspector knows, getting a license does not directly equate to being a success in the career. Being new in the career, he had some troubles getting clients. He shared his experience ...Read More

Want More Sales? Then Make These Three Types Of Home Inspection Marketing Videos

Home inspector marketing should be a never-ending quest to get as many eyes on your service as possible. One of the best ways to increase your online exposure is to add videos to your website and social media pages. These visual aids give you a chance to connect with your customers, and they also tell search engine algorithms that you’re serious about your customers’ website experience. But home inspectors aren’t videographers or scriptwriters, which can make it difficult to know where to start. If you’re struggling to decide what types of video to create, you may want to start with these three types to get started. Keyword-Rich Videos Keywords are what drive people to your site, so your video content has to be as loaded with keywords just like your blog and web pag...Read More