Become The Obvious Expert In Your Market Area By Using This Marketing Strategy Where We’ve Done 80% Of The Work *For You!*

We’ve Packaged Up 20 Of The Most Successful, Authority Building, “Home-Inspection-Referral-Getting” Presentation Powerpoints That We Could Round Up For This Year’s Workshop…

So you can WOW your agents with the value you share with them and be the obvious choice when they think “Who do I want to inspect my client’s home?”

If you can’t help people understand “What’s in it for me to work with you?” then you’ll be doomed to be second or third or fourth fiddle to your competitors who have taken the time to articulate that message.

Because it’s so important to present an image of success and value and actually deliver on the value that you promise to your prospective clients and agents, we’ve decided to make you an offer “you can’t refuse” that will help you do just that in record time!

We know the pain and trials and tribulations of making a successful and effective presentation…

First you need to know your audience well, what their pain points are, what’s most important to them in the area you’re trying to contribute in, and you have to solve their problems in advance if at all possible or at least make their lives a little easier.

Then you need to craft a message that resonates with them, put it in a Powerpoint Presentation that looks decent, and make it flow well for when you’re presenting it…

You then have to go *test it out* and tweak and improve and until it gets you a high return on investment.

I didn’t tell you all that to just to lament over the work we have to do to get and keep your schedule full year round.

I just wanted to let you know: “We’ve got you covered!”

You can buy the whole package of the 20 powerpoints by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

Some of the main benefits of this Powerpoint Package is…

  • Your life will be much easier since you don’t have to spend *years* developing and testing these powerpoints, learning how the present the material to get the best result, etc… it’s all been done for you!
  • You’ll look like a market expert and an authoritative place to get information and value from to all of your agents (so they’ll refer you more business)
  • You’ll make more money because of all the inspections those agents will be referring to you!
  • You’ll save you a big amount of money too by not having to invest your valuable time into creating these presentations.
  • You’ll build better relationships with your agents
  • You’ll actually become valuable to your agents so they’ll start coming to you, asking you questions, and seeking *you* out for things (like inspections!)

Does that sound good? Great! Well, you can get even more value by watching the video below of Coach William and Ken L of The Savvy Inspector talk about each of the Powerpoints, what they are, what kind of results they’ve gotten previously, how best to use them, and other gold nuggets *that you can implement into your business today whether or not you decide to get the package.*  Watch the video to learn more about the content of this exclusive offer.

What Coach William says about how they get more Certified Move In Ready Inspections is genius… Check it out by clicking the play button below.

This powerpoint package includes:

  • NACHI Common Defects Presentation
  • Liability Presentation
  • Slydial Presentation
  • Savvy Secrets To A Happy Home Inspection
  • Realtor Marketing Tips Presentation
  • Certified Move In Ready Presentation
  • First Time Home Buyer Presentation
  • CSST Presentation
  • Company Introduction And Home Inspection SOP
  • Common Problems With EIFS And Hardcoat Stucco
  • Asbestos Presentation
  • 20 Minute Home Inspection SOP
  • Savvy Realtor Referral Liability Presentation
  • Got Gas – Radon Presentation
  • Mold A Fungus Among Us Presentation
  • Pesky Home Eating Pests – Termites Presentation
  • Prelist Presentation
  • Non-Real Estate Agent Presentation
  • What A Home Inspection, Isn’t?

So go ahead and click the buy now button at the bottom of this screen and follow the instructions on this page and you’ll have the powerpoints in your hand in no time, ready to start wowing your agents and creating a full inspection schedule for you year round.

P.S.: The offer is only valid until October 7th at midnight pacific time and then the price goes up to $597, so go ahead and act now!

PPS: If you buy before the October 7th deadline, we will throw in as a bonus, The Savvy Inspector’s “Inner Circle Agent Program” product for all of the ideas that have made Certainty Home Inspection’s Inner Circle Agent Program such a huge success.

Final PS: You are also protected by our “Iron Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee,”  so if you’re not 100% satisfied, just send us an email at or call our office at 706 253 2818, and ask for a refund and we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

Powerpoint Package

Price: $297

This offer is Limited until October 7th at Midnight Pacific Time Only