Automating Dispute Resolution Process

Don’t Let Small Issues Escalate Into Claims

At the 2016 TSI Workshop, Coach William Troutman taught home inspectors a system for automating the dispute resolution process. You can listen to it here and follow along on the mindmap below. If you want to totally automate the dispute resolution process enter your email in the form below and we will send you the documents so you can implement this in your home inspection business.

Prevention & Management Of Callbacks Is Critical To The Success Of Your Business! Let’s face it, nobody likes callbacks. But here’s the thing, don’t take it personally.

Consumers that call are almost never correct when they say you missed something but that doesn’t matter, because they will still sue you. So whether you’re a One Man Shop or a Multi-Inspector Firm, callbacks effect you the same way. The key is to prevent as many callbacks as possible, but when they do occur you must manage them quickly and properly so that small problems don’t turn into larger issues!

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