Author: Ken Lenoir

Three Deadly Mistakes That Kill Website Conversion & Sales

Many home inspectors have shared with us over the years that their website is on the first page of Google. However, when we asked him how many sales they got from their website, they said none. The reason they’re not getting any website conversion or sales even though they’re on the first page of Google is that their website is not set up correctly and it doesn’t convert visitors...Read More

17 SEO Terms You Should Know

17 SEO Terms You Should Know If you have a website or blog, or if you work with anything related to the Internet, you'll certainly need to know a bit about search engine optimization (SEO). A good way to get started is to familiarize yourself with the most common terms of the trade, and below you'll find 17 of them. Check out 17 SEO terms you should know. (For those who already know SEO, c...Read More

Reduce Your Dependence On Real Estate Agent Referrals

Reduce Your Dependence On Real Estate Agent Referrals Why should you care about that? Because all of the advanced technology that’s being rolled out in the real estate industry today is designed to give the home buyer and seller a great customer experience without having to use a real estate agent. So, if you are going to stay in the home inspection business for the long term you will need t...Read More

How To Get Your Site Ranked #1 In The Google Local Listing

Google Local Listing or ‘Google My Business’ Listing refers to an online listing platform. This is similar to the traditional yellow pages. This listing is your business’ way to showcase information to a potential customer about your product or services. This is because the listing requires you to put all information about your business to attract potential customers. Your busine...Read More

How To Increase Your Website Conversion

Website conversion is the most important factor in the success of your online marketing strategy and goals. This is because conversion means the website visitor bought or availed any of your products or they opted in any of your forms. It is good to have high website foot traffic. But above all, it is certainly better if you have a website that converts visitors into paying customers. There are se...Read More

Google Analytics For Beginners

Learning how to use Google Analytics will help you establish a louder online presence and bring your website to the top search results.  This will, therefore, result in higher site foot traffic. Higher foot traffic leads to more online transactions due to more site traffic! It is essential to learn about Google Analytics. This is because its valuable data will give you an idea of how you can promo...Read More

Get Your Website Ranking For More Sales

Google has been making changes over the past few years. It is now hard to know what is working for your website – getting your website ranking for more sales. It is also important to know what’s not working for your website. The website pages must meet Google’s new update requirements because it will help your website rank higher in search pages. It will also make your website be...Read More