Audio Demand

Home Inspectors are on the go a lot so we make sure our Member Content is portable as well. Nothing like enjoying some “University Time” while you rack up all those miles.

Below are several Member’s Only Audios for you to listen to and learn from. There are dozens more in the Member’s Only Website about every home inspection growth and management topic you can imagine.

What’s the best way to pay inspectors… A Flat Fee or A Split Of Revenue? TSI Coaches Ken Compton and William Troutman share their thoughts.

The most successful Savvy Inspector Members are the ones that implement what we teach. Check out what TSI Coaches Ken Compton and William Troutman think about this.

Like These Podcasts ?

Are you ignoring the people that already know you, like you and trust you? If so, check out what Coach Ken Compton and William Troutman share about 5 Ways To Develop Brand Fans.

If you want to extend your reach into the real estate agent community, then teach CE Classes. Check out what our good friend and member Jeremy Martin’s shared at a recent TSI Workshop.