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5 Deadly Home Inspection Marketing Mistakes Made On Inspector's Websites

5 Deadly Home Inspection Marketing Mistakes Made On Inspector's Websites

Don't Make These 5-Deadly Home Inspection Marketing Mistakes

An Effective Sales Website Is Essential To Any Home Inspector Who Is Wanting To Go Direct To The Public For Business.

But the majority of the home inspector websites I've reviewed over the last several years make 5 deadly home inspection marketing mistakes that prevent the site from converting website visitors into paying customers.

Home buyer's who are looking for a home inspector online will only spend a few seconds glancing at your website, and if the site contains any of the deadly home inspection marketing mistakes listed below, they're hitting the back browser button at the speed of light and moving on to your competitor's website!

Here are five of the biggest home inspection marketing mistakes I see every day with inspectors' websites.

1.  The home page of the inspector's website is all about the home inspector.
Homebuyers want to know "What's In It For Them" by choosing your firm and not giving them that information in the first paragraph on your site turns them off.

2.  The inspector doesn't use his/her name and/or photograph on the website.
If your name and photograph is not on the site, the consumer gets the impression that they will be dealing with some nameless, faceless corporation and research shows that consumers are turned off by that.

3.  Having inspection pricing on the website.
You want the home buyer to call you after reviewing your website.  When the home buyer calls, you have a great opportunity to share, "what's in it for them" by selecting your firm.  However, when you have pricing on your website you eliminate the need for that critical call.

4.  Having Adsense Ads on your home inspection sales website.
Adsense ads do nothing to help you convert website visitors into paying customers and are nothing more that another way for customers to leak off of your sales website.

5.  Not giving the prospect the information they need to make a decision for your firm.
When reworking your website, think about your own buying habits.  If you were a home buyer, what information would you want to see to determine if that inspector was the right person to do the inspection for you!

Reworking your website to eliminate these five deadly website mistakes will allow you to turn more of the visitors to your website into paying customers.

Now that you've read this article, here's what I want you to do.

1.  Evaluate your own website (and be honest with yourself) to see if it has any of the critical mistakes mentioned.
2.  If it does, then take one of two actions.
a.  Learn how to fix it yourself by studying the material here on the site, or
b.  We can help you fix the problems so that you can convert more website visitors into paying customers!

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