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Home Inspection Online Marketing: 3 Video Trends Home Inspectors Need Be Aware Of

Home Inspection Online Marketing: 3 Video Trends Home Inspectors Need Be Aware Of

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Videos have become more and more of a staple when it comes to home inspection online marketing for practically any industry. People all over the country are tuning out words and hitting the Play button, so it's important for home inspectors to understand what they're watching and why.

Search engine algorithms change as internet user's tastes change, and video has been king for a while now. Having a video thumbnail can potentially double your search traffic!

For better online marketing for home inspection, keep the following trends in mind so you aren't left behind.

Short, Snappy Videos

Pick a topic, condense the information, and then make a video in 60 seconds or less. You may want to team up with a real estate agent and record a quick dialog with them about common pitfalls when it comes to home inspections. Or spotlight a particular aspect of your business, such as how you examine a kitchen to determine whether or not it's up to code.

This technique not only forgives the viewer's short attention spans, it makes it more likely that they'll actually absorb the information. A home inspector doesn't usually get a lot of repeat customers (unless they have a full roster of home flippers to fill up their days), so it's important to increase exposure wherever possible.

Buyer and Seller Tips

Real estate is a complicated topic for most buyers and sellers simply because their experience with the process is likely very limited. This is good news for home inspectors because you'll never run out of topics to talk about.

It doesn't necessarily have to be the most creative video in order to get the extra traffic, but it should offer valuable information that you're not seeing from your local competitors. You can make these tips part of a series and then post them on your social media pages in regularly spaced intervals.

As you post these tips, make sure you're monitoring the reactions from your followers to understand what they're looking for. After getting the hang of making the videos, you can ask people which specific topic to cover next.

Amateur Videos Are Acceptable

Home inspector video marketing would ideally be as professional as possible, but sometimes it's just not realistic to buy expensive video equipment or spend hours writing a script. But most people have a smartphone they can use to record several videos at a time before posting them on their website or social media pages.  

The camera quality on an iPhone or Android is perfectly acceptable to most potential customers, as long as there's still some thought behind the camera work and the content. There is one exception to this rule though, and that's if a home inspector is working with a majority of luxury clients.

If this is the case, then it will be worth investing in better equipment or hiring someone to help produce the videos.

It's clear that home inspector marketing is changing with the times, but those changes don't have to be scary or difficult. The key is to create video content that speaks to your audience without overwhelming them with superfluous details.

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