Month: May 2021

Beware Of Copyright Infringement Email Messages

Have you ever received an email saying you are violating someone's copyright-protected image(s)? Usually, it will come from a Contact form or some other type of form on your website. It will look something like this official notification email below: The purpose is to scam you into downloading a virus, so be aware of these types of emails. Look at the email, look at the email address, read through the email, do you see mistakes and bad grammar? These are signs that it's not a true email but a bot or phishing/spam/malware type email. Do not interact with the email at all. Especially, do not open or download anything in an email from anyone you don't know. The best thing to do is to Delete any email that looks like a Scam. If you're wondering, then it probably is… If you have questions...Read More