Month: January 2018

Home Inspection Marketing Moves Towards Voice Search: The Future of Search

It's been much easier these days for us to search for information that we need on the internet, due to the many tools we have at our disposal to do so. One of the most notable search tools is voice search. According to Google, 20% of mobile searches now are from voice queries. As the mobile industry continues to grow, so as the possible transition of the majority of searches will come from virtual assistance services. So, what is voice search? And what this means for home inspection marketing? Voice search is, quite literally, using your voice to search for something on the internet. You may have done this yourself, usually through an intelligent assistant such as Alexa, Cortana, or Siri; or through a voice assistant device such as Amazon Echo or Google Home.  So it means that we need ...Read More

Does A Home Inspection Website Make A Real Difference In My Marketing Efforts?

We hear this from home inspectors all the time. I've got a website, it's old and I never get any business from it. You know what. that's sad because a converting home inspection website is one of the most powerful tools you can have to grow your business. Your home inspection website can be your best sales tool, it works for you 24/7 and never takes a vacation. It can convey to home buyers what's in it for them by using your firm thus generating sales for you. A converting home inspection website helps you in three very important areas of your business…   Going Direct To The Public                               Receiving Visitors From Your Referral Sources Brand Building Check out the video below about this topic. In this video, you will learn.  What you can do with a converting home...Read More

Are Real Estate Agents Going The Way Of The Dinosaur

Have you heard of disruptive technology… A disruptive technology is a technology that significantly alters the way that businesses operate. A disruptive technology may force companies to modify the way they approach their business or risk becoming irrelevant. Now, let's look at the real estate industry… Just a few short years ago, there was no such thing as the internet. Real estate agents had exclusive access to all of the real estate listing data, and there wasn't much transparency or speed in viewing listings, checking comps, and making offers. All this data was offline and completely controlled. But today, everything has changed. Now, in no time flat, home buyers can view all the data on the MLS, as well as online sites like for sale by owner. They can easily conduct resear...Read More