Month: March 2017

Home Inspection Training Tip: Streamline The Report Writing Process

Do you inspect all day and type up the reports late into the evening? If you're doing this, how do you feel at the end of the week especially when you've done 10 or 12 inspections? Are you willing to continue this way for years to come? You as a business owner may be willing to torture yourself in this way but when you hire home inspectors they won't put up with 12 hour days for the rate you are willing to pay them and you shouldn't either. By making a few changes in the way you do business you can streamline the report writing process and actually complete the report on site. 99% of all the home inspections Southern home inspection services conducted were completed on site. Sure you occasionally get the house from Hades that you can't complete on-site and that's okay. However, your goal f...Read More