Month: January 2017

Home Inspector Training: Hire The Right Candidate At The Right Time

I’ve been a home inspection business owner since 1997 and a home inspector coach since 2006. During the course of my tenure in the home inspection industry I have been asked by a lot of home inspectors to help them understand why their new hire failed. One common thread that runs through the majority of the failures is that the home inspection business owner settled for candidate instead of getting the right person. Maybe you know how it works, your schedule is really full and your turning away a lot of business. This puts the home inspection business owner in a full panic mode and they just hire a warm body instead of waiting to get the right person for the slot. The best thing you can do is develop what we call “talent bank.” A talent bank is a place where you keep name...Read More

Home Inspection Training Tip: Get Prepped Before You Hire

If you want to make the process of hiring your first home inspector go more smoothly there are a few things that you need to do in advance of placing your recruiting ad. For example… * Do you have a written job description for the inspector so that he or she will know exactly what’s expected of them? * Do you have your home inspection report set up so that the new person can come in and complete it correctly very quickly? * Have you created video training on how to complete your home inspection report? * Do you have a written plan for field training for the new inspector? * Do you have a written employee manual that specifies all the things that the home inspector needs to do as well as what to avoid? Getting a few things in place in advance of the hire will make bringing on yo...Read More

Your Best Home Inspection Marketing Tool

You probably know some home inspectors who are doing really well without a website. I do, too. But I often wonder how much better they could be doing if they took the time to invest in one. And when we say "website," we don't mean an electronic version of that brochure they've been handing out for the past many years. We mean a legitimate, well-thought-out site that is designed to inform, engage and convert their audience from visitor to customer. Let’s face it, your home inspection website, done correctly is a very powerful home inspection marketing tool. A well-maintained home inspector website can help you gain a competitive advantage in your market and improve your business image. Developing your converting website offers many benefits including helping you get mo...Read More

Publishing Videos Is One Of The Best Home Inspection Marketing Tools

One of the biggest home inspection marketing challenges you face when getting home inspections directly from the public is building a know me, like me, trust me relationship with the prospect and establish yourself as the obvious expert in your market. Publishing short home inspection videos, whether shot in the field or from photographs is an easy way to allow the home buyer to evaluate your expertise and to begin a know me, like me, trust me relationship with you. Homebuyers will listen as you describe the unique situation in the video and start to feel more comfortable with you. Publishing high-quality home inspection videos in conjunction with positive home inspection reviews will allow you to get more business directly from the public.

Home Inspection Marketing Tip: Promote Your Online Reputation For More Business

Online reviews are right up there with word-of-mouth advertising in terms of their influence. In fact, according to a recent survey by BrightLocal (, 88% of consumers surveyed said they read online reviews in order to determine the quality of a local business. Nearly 9 in 10 consumers have read online reviews to determine the quality of a local business, and 39% do so on a regular basis. The "trend line" over the last four years clearly shows how much more regularly people are reading reviews, clearly highlighting the need for home inspectors to attract more reviews and actively promote their online reputation. Check this out. Eighty-five percent of consumers are satisfied once they h...Read More

What Type Of Videos Are Best For My Home Inspection Marketing Efforts?

What Type Of Videos Are Best For My Home Inspection Marketing Efforts? The absolute best type of home inspection marketing videos are those that shoot in the field. These don’t have to be long videos, as a matter fact, they should be less than two minutes in length. What video does for you as a home inspector, it establishes expertise and begins to build a know me, like me, trust me relationship with the home buyer. There are a number of things that you can do to increase the SEO value of your home inspection marketing videos and get more views. Create Relevant Metadata Your video should provide the necessary details to help search engines index it and according to Google, the title, the description and the thumbnail are the most important pieces of information. The video title needs...Read More

Important Home Inspector Website Metrics

In life, it’s often the little factors that define success over failure– and it’s exactly the same when running your home inspector website. Now, I know that statistics and website metrics are not one of the most glamorous subjects, but you should never underestimate their importance. Even tracking the most basic of numbers relating to your website will give you an advantage over someone who doesn’t bother at all. You can use real-world data to confirm what works on your website and what doesn’t, identify room for improvements, and spot any abnormal results (including those caused by a site outage). That’s why all the savvy home inspectors allocate resources to tracking key site metrics– something you should do, as well. Learn more about home inspe...Read More

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