Month: January 2017

Home Inspection Marketing Strategy: Open Houses

You have to get a positive return on investment on all your home inspection marketing strategies. However, when you're looking at marketing strategy alternatives, some home inspection marketing strategies have a much hire return on investment than others. At The Savvy Inspector, we believe that taking agent survival kits out to real estate open houses on Sundays might not be a strategy that generates a very high return on investment. Besides, if you're not inspecting on Sunday you should really take that time to work on your business and spend the balance with family and friends. All work and no play causes burnout over time. If you want to get and keep you and your Inspector's schedules full all year long regardless of the condition of the real estate market, with or without real estate a...Read More

Critical Home Inspection Marketing Strategy: Your Digital Presence

Your "digital presence" is simply how your home inspection business appears online. When people search for your home inspection company online, what do they find? Do they see your website and blog? Can they find your Facebook Page? What do online reviews say about you and your firm? Your digital presence IS your online reputation. And the the most important question is, how have you presented yourself and your firm? Or better yet, does your home inspection company even have an online presence? Are potential customers finding you online right now? Think about everything you should do on the internet on behalf of your firm. Comprehensively, this includes: * Your website * Your blog * All social media sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) * Office location (Google Maps, etc.) * Di...Read More

Home Inspection Training Tip: Know Before You Go

We have a home inspector coaching client that is really quite good writer and is a stickler about the quality of the written word in the home inspection report. He deplores spelling and grammatical mistakes and he's really dismayed when he sees poor sentence structure. A couple weeks ago on a Savvy Inspector Q&A Call this inspection company owner asked what he should do about and inspector that had poor writing skills. In order to avoid a situation like this, the candidate should have been tested in advance of the hiring offer. The Savvy Inspector teaches all of its clients how to automate the recruiting process, which includes a writing test to prevent this type of situation. The staff at The Savvy Inspector has lots of experience in turning one man shops into multi-inspector firms. W...Read More

Want To Be In The Home Inspection Business?

Do you have good interpersonal skills, do you like working with people, do you like helping others, if so you might want to become a home inspector. The home inspection business is fun and can be very lucrative for those who are serious about their success. One of the things I've noticed is that those home inspectors across the country that are super successful are the ones that have good interpersonal skills. These folks are good at working with others. They love what they do and it shows. If you want to be in the home inspection business then check out this video so you can learn more about what it takes. We always appreciate your feedback, so please leave your questions and comments in the box below the video. The staff at The Savvy Inspector has lots of experience in turning one man sh...Read More

Home Inspection Training Tip: Your Goals Should Be The Employee's Goals

One of the things we stress to all of The Savvy Inspector's coaching clients is that they need to hold their employees accountable for the firm's goals. For example, if you are hiring a marketing rep where the company's goals? I would say that they are new agents acquisition and agent retention. If you're hire a home inspector what are the firm's goals for the employee? I would offer that there goals would be no callbacks and no payouts. So if a home inspector gets a call back and there's a payout warranted, should the firm bear the brunt of the burden or should the home inspector? Check out this video to discover how multi-inspector firms have a list of issue. The staff at The Savvy Inspector has lots of experience in turning one man shops into multi-inspector firms. When you get signed u...Read More

Home Inspection Marketing Strategy: Extend Your Reach

If you have been calling on real estate offices for a while you probably recognize that many of the agents are not in the office when you visit. Even if you go to the offices on different days and times there still are not a lot of agents there. The way to extend your reach in those offices is to do events in presentations so that you can start building relationships with a much larger group of agents. Events and presentations are one of the best home inspection marketing strategies you can employ to extend your reach with real estate agents. So check out the video below to discover some new strategies to make that happen. We always appreciate your feedback, so please leave your questions and comments in the box below the video. The staff at The Savvy Inspector has lots of experience in tu...Read More

Home Inspection Marketing Tip: Don't Start At The Top Of The Food Chain

Everyone of us was a brand-new home inspector at one time and if you are honest with yourself you will admit that while you were ambitious and ready to go you might not have been at the top of your game like you are now. Heck, when I was a new inspector even I wasn't at the top of my game and I will readily admit it. So as a result of that fact you should not start off marketing top producers. If you can't market top producers then who should you go after? That's a great question, so check out the video below to discover who new home inspectors should target as referral sources. We always appreciate your feedback, so please leave your questions and comments in the box below the video. The staff at The Savvy Inspector has lots of experience in turning one man shops into multi-inspector firm...Read More

Home Inspection Marketing Strategy: Marketing Non-Top Producers

With all marketing strategies you have to make a positive return on investment or you can't continue the strategy and marketing Non-Top Producers is no exception. One dollar in and $1.25 out is not winning strategy so with Non-Top Producer marketing you really have two good options… 1. Direct mail 2. Personal real estate office visits If your one-man shop or a small multi-inspector firm and you don't have enough time to get out and visit the offices or getting out and visiting the offices is not really your thing, then direct mail should be your first go to strategy for marketing Non-Top Producers. When I opened Southern Home Inspection Services in 1997 we used direct mail exclusively to gain traction in the market in the first year. Only in year two did we develop relationship marke...Read More

Home Inspection Marketing Tip: All Real Estate Agents Aren't The Same

We teach our home inspection coaching clients to look at real estate agents differently. We classify real estate agents as Top Producers or Non-Top Producers. The way we market and the resources we spend on each of these groups is very different. When we market non-top producing real estate agents we aggressively try to knock out the home inspector that they are currently using. Our marketing message is written in the problem, agitate, solve format. In other words, our marketing message conveys that the non-top producing real estate agent would be better off working with us than their current inspector. Many of these non-top producing real estate agents don't have as many sales each year and therefore many of them do not have a strong loyalty to a home inspector. These are the easiest to g...Read More

Home Inspection Training Fact: Your Schedulers Can Make Or Break You!

Many one-man shops think that no one can schedule home inspections as well as they can and therefore they hang onto the phone way too long. The Savvy Inspector teaches our coaching clients to get rid of answering the phone themselves as soon as possible. If a call center isn't right for you, then you're going to need a hire and train a scheduler Think about this for a minute… If you call your doctor's office and he or she answered their own phone how you feel? Homebuyers and real estate agents don't care whether you personally answer the phone or not. What homebuyers want is to understand what's in it for them by using your firm. Real estate agents want to know that they can get their clients home inspection booked professionally and in the shortest amount of time possible. Neither o...Read More

Home Inspection Training: Employee Performance Reviews Are Essential

As a one man shop, you don't have to worry about anything related to employees. Some inspectors don't want to deal with employees and so they opt to remain a one-man shop for as long as they are in the business. However, many one man shops find that they have the ability to grow their firm and they want to add employees so they can generate more revenue and have some free time (does free time ever happen ;-). One of the most important things that you can do after you get your inspectors hired and trained is to do performance evaluations on them. Employees have the right to know what they're doing right and what they're doing that needs improvement. It's our belief that you should conduct employee reviews twice a year on your most seasoned home inspectors and every 90 days or less on your n...Read More

Home Inspection Training Question: Hire New Or Experienced Inspectors?

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