Month: March 2016

I Want More Profit

Hopefully, you know that it's important to make presentations in real estate offices but the question is… How do you go about getting invited? In this Webinar Coach William and I discussed all of the strategies that you will need to use to get invited to make presentations in your targeted real estate offices. Not only will you get to make a presentation, if you do it the way we teach, you'll be invited back again and again thereby extending your reach and the profitability of the firm. Check out these great strategies that you can use right away to extend your reach in your targeted real estate offices.

I Want To Expand

5 Star Rated Companies Get More Sales! Having five star reviews is a major part Marketing your business online. 5 Star Reviews positively impact your effectiveness with… Google My Business, Social Media, Local Directories, SEO Rankings and Google Adwords. Also, check this out… 72% Of Buyers Trust Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations ~ Bright Local. Because this topic is so important, Coach William and I produced a 60 minute Webinar that explains not only what needs to be done but how to implement it as well.  

I Want To Grow

Three Things You Need To Know To Get Your Phone To Ring More! 1. Did you know that photos and video are the home inspector's secret weapon? Learn an effective way to leverage them to get your phone to ring more. 2. Let's not just manage our reputation, let's aggressively market it! Learn all the details in this video. 3. Finally, if you're going to maximize the business you get from real estate agents then you are going to have to become effective with events and presentations. Learn more about that here.