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14 Critical Steps to Creating an Effective Google Campaign

Critical Steps to Creating an Effective Google Campaign
by Perry Marshall
Author of the "Ultimate Guide to Google Ad Words"
  1. Get inside your customer's mind. When they have a problem your product or service can solve, what words will they search on?  Make a list.
  2. Count your competitors, calculate your odds. Search those terms on Google. Who's advertising and how many are there?
  3. Count your keyword costs. Go to Google Keyword Research Tool and find out what your keywords are bidding at.  Also, go to the Google Keyword Research Tool and see how many searches there were for your keywords last month.
  4. Generate a big list of keywords. Even on a narrow subject area, you should have at least 100 words and phrases.
  5. Break down your keywords.  Create clusters of five to twenty-five closely related terms.  You're going to assign a different ad to each of these tight groups. In other words, don't include mold inspection and radon inspection keywords in your home inspection group. Write a Radon Inspection Ad and a Mold Inspection Ad and use those keywords to support those ads.
  6. Brainstorm ads. You get 25 characters on the first line, 35 characters on the second and third lines and a space for your URL.
  7. Choose the exact webpage to send your visitors to. It can be your home page if the content of your home page has been modified to be relevant to your ad.
  8. Set up a conversion tracking system. Use Google's conversion tracking tool to see how many of your prospects become clients.
  9. Create your Google Account. Go to: and choose your language, location, write your ad, enter your keywords, set your daily budget limit and name your maximum bid price.
Register to get a confirmation e-mail, enter your credit card information and your ads will start to run. Create more ads and more campaigns.
  1. Split-test multiple ads to get a higher click-through rate. This is the number one key to continuous improvement. Use your keywords in your ad.  Try different words and concepts. After 80 or more clicks each, delete the looser and create a new ad to test. Every time you improve your ad, you get more traffic while spending proportionately less money. The way you win in Google AdWords is to constantly beat your control ad.
  2. Let it run and come back. If you're getting hundreds of clicks per day (which we don't) check these campaigns every two hours and work fast. If the traffic is slow, it will take days or weeks for your numbers to develop. Be patient!
  3. Do peel and stick. Delete keywords that are performing differently than the rest or which don't match their ad copy and re-enter them in new ad groups with ads of their own.
  4. Keep brainstorming for new keywords.
  5. Improve your website's conversion process. Success is simply a matter of maximizing the conversion rate at each step — higher click through rates and lower bid prices, stronger opt-in rates, better sales, and more repeat customers.
You can learn more about Google My Business at The Savvy Inspector Member's Site!

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