1-Year Builder’s Warranty Program

Offering A 1-Year Builder’s Warranty Inspection Is A Great Idea And, A Good Way To Add Additional Inspections To Your Schedule

1-Year Builder's Warranty ProgramMost all new construction homes come with a 1-Year Builder’s Warranty. Many homeowners do not realize that they even have one or they know that they have one but do not realize when it expires. Reminding them of the fact that they have one and it is getting ready to expire can be beneficial in adding to your home inspections. Some of the items that are covered under the Builder’s Warranty may not be visible or known to the homeowner. These such items could be detected with a 1-Year Builder’s Warranty Inspection of the home. If you are able to warn these homeowners of this, it would be beneficial to both you and the prospective client.

“I am new to the One Year Builders Warranty program and I am already getting inspections. The staff has been extremely helpful and very responsive to my business needs. It has been a fantastic experience and I look forward to continued growth.” ~Tony Lane, Trusted Advisor Home Inspections

Here’s What We Will Do For You When You Order This Program:

1. We get a quote for you of leads (names and addresses of people who are in the areas in which you would like to focus, who’s 1-Year Builder’s Warranty is getting ready to expire.) The price will be determined after the quote is given.

2. We will send you a buy link to purchase this leads listing.

3. We also send you the buy link for the initial set up fee and put you on recurring billing for the monthly payments for this service.

4. The set up fee includes the website 1-Year Builder’s Warranty Page as well as setting up your Send Out Card Campaign, Tracking number for campaign, setting up the custom URL for your website page, adding the coupon to that will be used for the campaign in the ISN as well as adding the Inspection types needed to keep track of the campaign for the reports that we keep for you.

5. You will need a Send Out Card account set up for us to go in and set up and send your monthly campaigns. You can view the Send Out Card program, pricing and create your account Here

6. We will create a page for your website. See Example

7. We will create your Send Out Card 2 card campaign and send it out to your listing each month.

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