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Marketing Top Producers

Get On The Team! Who’s Handling Those All Important Home Buyers The Top Producer Is Bringing In? Often time the Top Producers have a “Team” that they have put together. And in many cases the Top … [Read More...]

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Should I Follow Up On Online Reviews?

Would you select a home inspector that has bad ratings and reviews? Obviously you wouldn’t because no one wants to actually have that exact same experience when they get their home inspection. So consumers always look at reviews as the indicator of how they … [Read More...]


Should I Have Someone Do SEO On My Website?

The answer to this question is… Yes, but only if you hire the right company! The algorithm that Google uses to deliver search results changes on a regular basis, this means monthly or more frequently. If you don't follow all of these changes on a regular … [Read More...]


Book More Sales Meetings In Real Estate Offices

Want To Schedule More Inspections… Then Learn The Secrets Of Getting Yourself Booked At Realtor Sales Meetings! Speaking at Realtor Sales Meetings is a great way to get some quick “face time” with people who have business to refer you today! But most … [Read More...]